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Why a long break from F@cebook is a good thing.

Honestly, it took me some time to ban my account from the digital plains. That constant flow of information made me over-stimulated, gave me the feeling of always being tired in my head and prevented me of reading the stack of books that was waiting for me. I got tired of that habit of scrolling […]

Notitieboek_On petitions_Dear mr Trump

Do E-petitions actually help?

Yeah, yeah, keep on dreaming!

Reading time: 3 minutes ” Can you reject innovative ideas because the attempts to realize them failed?” Frank Albers, Flemish author of Caravantis asks in a double interview on the occasion of an exhibition about the 500 year old Thomas More’s Utopia at Museum M in Leuven. It’s a question that consumed my whole day and […]

lingerie yoga

Practicing yoga on this bright December day while I am supposed to contemplate on how to create this blog. Nothing beats an old fashioned headstand with friends at the beach! Actually this post is to say that the website is under construction.