Where has my food gone?

My first job in Espinho was cooking for a bunch of yogi’s. It was actually more of a favour but people liked what I cooked that day and offered to pay. At this point, I spend much more time in the kitchen here than expected.

Tien jaar

Ten years together: about time & future

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Getting lucky

Why did we move abroad? Clean air. More space. More sun & outdoor activities. Less need to buy things, to follow trends. Everything in Belgium became a design object and nothing was essential.

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Africa with a toddler

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Fire on Babylon

Ophelia created a beautiful Indian summer with amazing light in the sky that attracted amateur photographers like me. But the hot wind also brought disaster. The air was filled with ashes. It was snowing ashes on our car & in our bathtub.  Davy pointed out the cumulonimbus clouds. ‘There’s a storm coming,’ he said. ‘It’s […]

Mobiliteit Gent

What Belgians can learn from Portuguese and vice verse

Now that I live on the sideline of Belgium & Portugal it’s not difficult to see the particularities of each country. When it comes to environmental & school policy or emancipation in Portugal, we still live in the eighties. But life is like in the good old days. In Belgium, over-efficiency gets in the way […]