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bio men

‘I brought you some biological lemons,’ Margo says. I hear a kind of contentment in her voice and look up at her, a bit confused. For one second, I am trying to figure out what’s so special about bio lemons. Nothing of course, they are just lemons, the way they grow on a tree.


Moving forward

Be careful what you wish for. Freedom is something you have to be able to cope with. Sometimes, this Portuguese life feels like a retirement: “So, what are we gonna do today?” And in the meantime life in Belgium is raging on.


What happened, Belgium?

While in Belgium I had two Birthday parties to go to. And while walking through all the cute shopping streets, I realized that the gap between my old Belgian life and how I am living now, became huge — what a crazy country, Belgium.

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Summer blues

September! And I am just about to shake off the heavy rains from spring! Sorry for not posting sooner but this had two reasons: integration & having the feeling of running out of time.


It’s nature, stupid

Everything grows abundantly on our terrain. Or at least, we hope, by next year. And it has to do the trick because I want to live self-sufficient, without all entertainment & distraction society offers so gracefully. What really keeps the world going? Our nature & oceans.


I am migrant


Portuguese Blues

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What a disastrous week

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Fire on Babylon

Ophelia created a beautiful Indian summer with amazing light in the sky that attracted amateur photographers like me. But the hot wind also brought disaster. The air was filled with ashes. It was snowing ashes on our car & in our bathtub.  Davy pointed out the cumulonimbus clouds. ‘There’s a storm coming,’ he said. ‘It’s […]


We are the stupid ones

A day with our friends at Matosinhos, the surfspot of Porto. We surf & talk about what changed in our lives since we moved. I try to read, and play something with a three year old that looks like football. After the surf, in the late afternoon we are quite hungry and the women (ha!) […]