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Between Porto & Ghent


I am the new elite

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It’s nature, stupid

Everything grows abundantly on our terrain. Or at least, we hope, by next year. And it has to do the trick because I want to live self-sufficient, without all entertainment & distraction society offers so gracefully. What really keeps the world going? Our nature & oceans.



Onze buurt, onze mensen... Onze leefwereld.

Bad for business?

I set up with some Portuguese friends the platform Desplastic. We want to keep our surf spot clean from plastic. Sorting isn’t obligatory in Portugal and beach bars are forced by law to use plastic instead of glass. We get a lot of positive reactions. Until business gets real.

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Clean house project

One of the reasons for going off-grid is wanting to iron out some misunderstandings about clean energy. Technology is evolving rapidly. The possibilities to live independently improve every couple of months. But we are addressing the wrong problem.

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Getting lucky

Why did we move abroad? Clean air. More space. More sun & outdoor activities. Less need to buy things, to follow trends. Everything in Belgium became a design object and nothing was essential.

Davy paddling

A bag full of shit

Bolhão centre babushka

Bolhão market in Porto: from unique Portuguese to a generic airport style?

Noon in Porto. Morning clouds evaporate and the sun appears above the hundred year old Bolhão market. I take a seat at a simple table between fresh flowers, the smell of bread and colourful Portuguese souvenirs.Time seems to have frozen here. It wouldn’t surprise me if vendors would sell oehoes & magic wands here. Despite […]